Bellydance at Om Laila Studio



Om Laila Studio is Roula Said’s boutique studio – home to Essential Bellydance in Toronto, Seven Waves Movement, Arabic and Eastern European Music and Song.




64 Henry Street.  1 block east of St, George/Beverley, south of College.  Runs one way south.  Street parking is sometimes (mostly)  available and costs $2.25/hr.
It’s a short walk from College Park Station.

Go through the brown wooden gate just to the south of the house.
There are two gates side by side, go through the right one.
Walk mindfully through the private garden to the coach house door on your left.

416-571-0464 if you need help finding us.

Om Laila Studio Class Details

Classes at Om Laila are infused with the intention of seeing the participants as whole beings.  Our mandate is to facilitate the marriage of your own self, your unique body and story with our clear and comprehensive movement, rhythm and sound lexicon
With live drums and voice we will vibrate your very bones and ask you to commune with the “you” inside your dance
We will bring you a deep and delicious experience of Arabic music and culture in an intimate temple-like setting
We may also visit some places in Eastern Europe and beyond in song and movement
Cheoreography and guided free movement will both be explored in their time

Spring Session – May 5 – July 17, 2014

4 types of group classes this season:

  • Essential Bellydance
  • Seven Waves Movement
  • The Musical Dancer
  • Monthly Workshops:  SIng the Song, Dance the Dance, Play Percussion.    More about the workshops here

Private Classes in the following:

  • Essential Bellydance and Seven Waves
  • Qanun, Arabic rhythm and drumming, singing and zylls/saghat/finger cymbals.
  • Mentoring classes to emerging and established professionals who seek to deepen their work or venture into cross-disciplinary exploration.
  • Online Choreography and Zyll Lessons

Essential Bellydance 1, 2, and 3
Essential Bellydance is…
• an exploration of the inner architecture of bellydance
• the primer upon which to build strong and fluid technique
• respectful of though not limited by cultural or stylistic forms
• a way to connect the wires so head, heart and hips flow in an elegant and organic order
• deeply rooted in Arab music and dance traditions while reaching across many borders
• a meditation on the wisdom within bellydance that refreshes and heals with applications for movement practitioners of other disciplines such as yoga
• a meditation on Love and the language of the Beloved as it is grounded and expressed through our bodies

Seven Waves Fundamentals and Lab
Seven Waves is …
• a practice where movement and sound become increasingly woven together
• a lexicon that is deeply rooted in Arabic movement practices and is also informed by the body wisdom of many other traditions.
• aligned with the core elements of Yoga, Pilates, Continuum Movement and Alexander Technique, among others.
• relaxing, invigorating, awakening, strengthening and fun. It sloughs of staleness and stuck places, tunes the senses, and invites more life force and spaciousness into the body.
• a discipline of pleasure that will inform your life in infinite ways, large and small

The Musical Dancer
A holistic immersion in Arabic rhythm, melody and movement. Get a dozen important Arabic grooves in your bones. Using body percussion, zylls and drums (optional), develop a deep/deeper relationship with the grooves that move you. Befriend and explore your voice as it lives in your body. Sing some Arabic songs and choruses of songs. Get to know the maqams or modes/scales of Arabic music more intimately. Inform and express your dance at a whole new level. This class will be highly informative and seriously fun.

All Classes

All classes will run as Ten Week Modules (except Monday classes are 8 weeks due to holidays).  The cost is for the ten classes is $250 ($200 for the 8 Mondays) and will be pro-rated if you buy the remainder of the series after the start date. Please contact to ensure there is space.

Only 6 per class in the studio.

In this intimate space, we will teach who is in the room. You will effect the way the syllabus is laid out.
Essential Bellydance and Seven Waves classes are a luxurious hour and a half long with breathing room at the end in case we have to finish our thought

Mondays 6:30 – 7::50 pm – Essential Bellydance 2
May 5 – July 7 (No class May 19, June 30) SOLD OUT – Ask about availability 
8 week session – $200 plus $26 hst = $226.00

CONTACT US  to reserve your spot!

Mondays 8:00 – 9:20 pm – Essential Bellydance 1
May 5 – July 7 (No class May 19, June 30) SOLD OUT – Ask about availability
8 week session – $200 plus $26 hst = $226.00
CONTACT US to reserve your spot!

Wednesdays 6 – 7:30 pm – Essential Bellydance 3
May 14 – July 16    Only 1 spot left
10 week session – $250 plus $32.50 = $282.50
CONTACT US to reserve your spot!

Wednesdays 8 – 10 pm – Undine Troupe Rehearsal (Ioana)
by invitation

Thursdays 1 – 2:30 pm – Seven Waves Lab
May 15 – July 17
10 week session – $250 plus $32.50 = $282.50
CONTACT US  to reserve your spot!

*NEW Thursdays 6:30 – 7:50 pm – The Musical Dancer
May 15 – July 17 (no class May 8)
10 week session – $250 plus $32.50 = $282.50
CONTACT US to reserve your spot!

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